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Staff Favourites


By Rory Clements

Europe , 1936, the Nazis have marched in the Rhineland, Stain has unleashed his Great Terror, Spain has erupted into civil war  - Europe is in turmoil!

A young lady has been found dead and her murder uncovers a international conspiracy full of deceit and intrigue in the lead up to the  second world war.

The first Rory Clements novel  I have read, will not be the last, thoroughly enjoyable


Eagles at War
By Ben Kane

In the summer of 9 CE, Publius Varus, the Roman governor of Germania, and Lucius Tullus, a centurion garrisoned on the Rhine, march east with three legions. As they prepare to return to their winter quarters, they are lured off the road and ambushed by German warriors.

First 'Roman History' novel I have read - already looking for others!

Little Boy Blue
by M. J. Arlidge

Brilliant, Page-turning, Chilling!

Having read previous books by M. J. Arlidge i can highly recommend Little Boy Blue, the 5th installment in the DI Helen Grace series. it is a grisly fast paced, nail biting page turner thriller - read in a day.

M. J. Arlidge has given enough information that 'Little Boy Blue' can be read as a stand alone but I think you will want to read the others once you have finished reading it.

A Court of Mist and Fury
By Sarah J. Maas

Great Fantasy fiction.

Feyne survives Amaratha and returns to Tamlin and the Spring Court but she has to spend a week every month with the High Lord of the Mist Court Rhysard. She must now decide her own fate - who will she choose Tamlin or Rhysard?

Thoroughly enjoyed!


Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

By Gail Honeyman

'Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine' or is she? A quirky and funny read with dark undertones.

Eleanor is stuck in deeply ingrained routines that often lead to awkward social misunderstandings.  Her long term friend and companion is her houseplant named Polly.  She enjoys her weekends alone with pizza and vodka, until out of one simple act of kindness an unlikely friendship begins.

You cannot help but to cheer on Eleanor as she confronts her secrets and starts living.


The Last Painting of Sara de Vos
By Dominic Smith

Australian writer Dominic Smith has created an intriguing tale that weaves its way between the life of Sara de Vos, an honoured Dutch artist in the 1600’s, the American family heir of her last known painting ‘At the Edge of the Wood’ and a celebrated Australian art historian who in her poverty stricken life as a graduate in New York was coerced into painting a forgery, a decision which plagues her all her life.

The collision course of these three key threads of the story is tantalising and leaves you wishing it were bedtime so you can read some more!
Widely reviewed and acclaimed.


Ink and Bone
By Rachel Caine

Rachel Caine's new book 'Ink and Bone' was an incredible introduction into her new trilogy. The book brings us into the world where hand written copies of books are extremely rare and pricey...for the right buyer.
Caine's lead character Jess comes from a family of book smugglers and it is his job to transport them from his father to the buyer.

While reading them book I kept thinking back to all the books that I borrowed from the library and got stuck into as soon as I got home. I was so captivated by the story that all I wanted to do was keep reading and find out more about the 'Great Library' that acts as their government.
I couldn't put it down until I had finished! A great read that opens your mind to the true value of books.

Blood Wedding
By Pierre Lemaitre

Is Sophie stark raving mad? Could she really have gruesomely murdered the young boy in her care?  She has no memory of what happened and her only option is to disappear and take on a false identity.  The evidence against her mounts and as her life slowly unravels, the shocking truth reveals itself.

I have always loved slightly twisted, gritty, psychological thrillers and ‘Blood Wedding’ doesn’t disappoint.  My usual preference is for Scandinavian crime writers, but I might just have to be a little more open to the French!


The Vegetarian
By Han Kang

*Winner of 'The Man Booker International Prize 2016*

One captivating story told from three different perspectives.
Delicately translated by Deborah Smith, Hans Kang's The Vegetarian is rich with striking content written in a simple, gentle and detached way - a bizarre contrast for the characters so deeply effected by this story.

"(The Vegetarian) whispers so clearly, it can be heard across the room, insistently and with devastating, quiet violence"

Highly recommended!

The Summer Before the War
By Helen Simonson

The bestselling author of 'Major Pettigrew's Last Stand' returns with a delightful new novel. Set in the small town of Rye in East Sussex in the summer of 1914, just before the start of the first world war. It is a tale of love, friendship and the complications of living in a small community during a time of great global change.

A delightful and charming read!
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